Monday, February 02, 2009

What's up with Paraguay and Mercosur?

I periodically get hits from people looking around for info on Venezuela and Mercosur, which gave me the idea to provide an update (of sorts). Venezuela's entry has been awaiting approval from the upper houses of Brazil and Paraguay since June 2006. Lula recently announced that the Brazilian Senate would vote in favor by March.

So what's going on in Paraguay? I assume President Lugo is in favor, but the Colorado Party (which I assume is opposed) has 16 of the 45 senate seats, which means it needs only 7 more votes to block approval.*

That's a lot of assuming, though, and you know what they say about that. Anyone know differently/more?

I am surprised that there isn't more about this, since full Mercosur membership would be important for Venezuela and would have regional implications.

* Article 189 of the constitution gives former presidents (of which there are two) a lifetime seat, but no vote. You learn something new every day.


Anonymous,  5:27 AM  

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