Thursday, February 05, 2009

Congressional hearing on U.S.-Latin American relations

There was a hearing on Latin America in the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere. The full transcript is not yet out, but you can see the text of the testimonies here. There is quite a bit of "Chávez boogeyman" stuff and way too much "good govt vs. bad govt" stuff, but there is also consensus that Obama needs to work more closely with Brazil. A notable exception to the "good vs. bad" frame is Cynthia McClintock, whose recommendations I very much like (for example, accept that the drug war has been a failure).

It was interesting, however, to see Chairman Eliot Engel's statement on Ecuador and Paraguay, arguing that they had governments interested in engagement. In fact, he went so far as to criticize the Bush administration for reaching out only to Uribe and not to Correa during the bombing crisis. That was in nice counterpoint to Connie Mack, who said that Correa was "destroying freedom."


Vicente Duque 1:24 PM  

That Guy that was killed in Ecuador Raul Reyes was the most important Man in the FARC

He was responsible for thousands upon thousands of deaths. For kidnappings. For the murder of hundreds of small children with Gas Cylinders, or Land Mines. For the death of Thousands of Women and the Old.

After the death of Reyes, his father in law, the reported Number 1 of the FARC fell in a Great Depression and Sadness, followed soon by death.

How can the U. S. Government condemn Uribe without destroying its Whole Foreign Policy Rationale in Iraq and Afghanistan. ???

It would be considered the Topmost Hypocrisy to condemn Uribe for "Preemptive Attack".

The Friendship of Colombia will continue, even in the Abssence of a Free Trade Agreement. This is not going to change or move a single inch.


By the way, Judd Gregg has great appreciation and estimation in the U. S. Congress, so he will probably be confirmed as Commerce Secretary.

But look how dozens of enemies appear to attack Obama and Gregg for the appointment.

Lou Dobbs, Fox News, Rachel Maddow, Barbara Lee, representative of California, etc ...

I think that Judd Gregg is the best man for the Job. And I am saddened by the Partisan Attacks.

Anyway, Obama is following the Machiavellian advice of acting strong, acting promptly, be decisive, be determined, be strong.

He will be a Great President. And Judd Gregg will be a great consiglieri at his side ( in all economic and budgetary matters )

Obama Great President, but the two wars are too tough and will last a lot. Not easy for very intelligent president.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous,  5:27 AM  

thanks for the link...

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