Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Undocumented immigrants are leaving, except they're not

What do you do with an article like this on CNN? They find one guy who is leaving, then cite a load of statistics and a scholar who says people are not leaving. Yet the headline is "Bad Economy Forcing Immigrants to Reconsider U.S."

Pablo is an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who came to the United States to support his wife and five sons back home. When he arrived, construction jobs were plentiful. Over the last year, he says, he's worked three days.

And then:

For some immigrants, the experts say, the reasons for toughing out the U.S. economic recession outweigh the reasons for leaving, including:
• One or two days of work per month at $8 an hour is often better than what they can make back home;
• Tougher border enforcement along the U.S.-Mexico border has made it harder for them to return once they leave;
• Smuggling costs to get into the United States from Mexico have skyrocketed from about $1,500 three years ago to about $6,000 today.

"I'm not convinced it's a tidal wave of exodus," Valenzuela said. "There really is a fear mentality [of leaving], and as a result many immigrants are buckling down -- that is they're hiding or living in the shadows of our law. So they think more than twice about whether or not they want to go back to their country of origin, because they know very well that it's going to be extremely difficult and very expensive to come back if they want to pursue their dream."

To repeat, there is no exodus.


Vicente Duque 4:17 PM  

Immigration :

This is an extremely complex subject of which I know very little and that has to do with Economics, Demand, Production, Education, etc ...

However I always say that things should not be cruel or inhuman and that expelling 12 million in short notice seems absurd and inhuman.

Evictions or Dispossetions should begin with those elements that are criminal or delinquent.

Kicking out Good Workers may prove to be harmful for the Economy.

I do not want to pontificate, but look at the History of Europe with so many progroms and expulsions of Jews.

I just recently learned that Jews were expulsed from England and France in Great Masses and Several Times. The History of Jewish Expulsion and Blood Purity in Spain and Portugal is better known.

In Germany, many of the restrictions and humilliations of Jews were tried by Frederick the Great, Maria Theresa in Austria ordered Jews out of Bohemia and then charged for reentry.

Of course, America is not Europe and Latinos are not Jews ( or are they ? )

But studying some History will show the grave consequences of progroms ( I did not mention Russia )

More information of the History of Racism and Ethnic Cleansing here :

or here :

Vicente Duque

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