Friday, September 12, 2008

An anniversay of ignorance

Two weeks ago today, I wrote a post about how we know nothing, zip, nada about Sarah Palin's views on Latin America. I have since noticed that said post comes up at the very top for a Google search, "Sarah Palin Latin America" (or combinations thereof). I feel faintly proud, as if my own ignorance is leading everyone else's.

6 comments: 7:26 AM  

And we still don't. That is, of course, assuming that she even has any views on Latin America. Did you happen to see the 'deer in the headlights' look when Charlie Gibson asked her about the 'Bush Doctrine?'
Hmmm...maybe she knows what the moose feel like!

Greg Weeks 4:15 PM  

My guess is that her first words about Latin America will be a criticism of Hugo Chavez. Maybe Fidel.

Anonymous,  5:27 PM  

Come on, she just told Charlie Gibson last night that she has traveled to Mexico. What an international candidate! Previously, we thought the extent of her Mexico knowledge was the menu at the El Torito in Wasilla.

Anonymous,  5:30 PM  

Oops. Upon commenting, I figured I would google mexican food in Wasilla. They don't have an El Torito in Wasilla. They do have a Taco Bell:

boz 9:05 AM  

So in case you didn't notice, Oppenheimer cites you in his column today.

Greg Weeks 9:14 AM  

Hilarious. He could've at least used my name...

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