Sunday, September 07, 2008

The candidates and Latin America

Eric Green at the State Department asked me some questions about the candidates' views on Latin America, and wrote this article for State's news site. I doubt anyone who follows the topic will be too terribly bedazzled, but still.


Anonymous,  11:49 AM  

Did you notice how the article not so subtly favors McCain? Does it bother anyone that a government website is pushing out propoganda intended to favor one of the candidates? Yeesh.

Greg Weeks 11:53 AM  

I don't really get that impression. I don't support McCain, and the article noted my views.

Anonymous,  11:56 AM  

Actually, the article you linked to is not so one-sided. I was instead reading a second article by by Eric Green written four days later: The September 5 article showed much more balance and interspersed the candidate's views under topical headings, whereas the September 9 article looks like it was none-so-subtly altered to favor McCain by focusing on his views first and including pointed criticism of Obama.

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