Saturday, September 06, 2008

Uribe and a third term even yet again

Alvaro Uribe has hinted many times at running for a third term. Now, for the time that I know of, he has hinted that he won't.

But still he remains coy. The fact that he will not come out and clearly state his intention of leaving office suggests he has not yet decided for certain.


MSS 9:24 PM  

More likely, it suggests he wants to postpone his lameduckness.

Or, if one thinks he really will go for it, when is the optimum time to provoke the inevitable crisis? I suspect that time would have been rather sooner after the Betancourt rescue than the current moment is.

Basically, whichever way he may be planning to go, I would assume he (1) knows already, and (2) is being strategic about when to make any announcements.

Greg Weeks 7:18 AM  

Maybe. But the way his answers constantly shifted seemed less scripted and more the result of his own lack of certainty. Now that he's stopped the legislation from going forward, however, it seems less and less likely he'll push for the third term.

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