Thursday, September 04, 2008

When more is less

The Washington Post has a pretty even-handed article on the increases in coca cultivation in Latin America, particularly in Bolivia. Nothing all that new, but what I like is to see how U.S. officials rationalize it. Here is the logic:

There is more coca, but it is being cultivated on smaller plots, and in more remote areas, so requires more labor. This means less profit. Therefore "the cocaine market is in decline."

I love a world where losing really badly means winning.

Here's my previous post on drug logic fun.


Steven Taylor 11:25 AM  

The reasoning of drug warriors: always amazing, yet never surprising.

Greg Weeks 11:40 AM  

It reminds me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where the father claimed he could take any English word, and explain how it had Greek roots.

Take any news about drugs, and the government can explain how it means we're winning.

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