Monday, September 15, 2008

Some regional responses to the Bolivian crisis


“This meeting only is meaningful if on request of Bolivia and with a proposal, because if both sides of the conflict don’t ask us to meet, if we come to a decision and no side abides, it will have been a useless exercise”, Lula da Silva was quoted Sunday in the Brazilian press.

“It must be plain clear we have no right to make any decision without the previous coordination of the Bolivian government and opposition; it’s only them who can decide whether we participate or not”, emphasized Lula da Silva.

“Otherwise it will mean interference in internal affairs of Bolivia and Brazil rejects this point blank”, he underlined.


Convoked the meeting of UNASUR and will push for a declaration that emphasizes non-intervention in Bolivian affairs and avoids mentioning the United States.


At the UNASUR meeting Uribe "will carry a message of prudence, of support for democratic institutions, and will show a commitment that our brothers the Bolivian people can overcome, in a bloodless manner and a constitutional manner, their present difficulties."


"I send a huge hug to President Evo Morales and hope the crisis could be solved as soon as possible." [Note: the "huge hug" sounds strange in English, but I assume the Spanish was "fuerte abrazo," which just works in Spanish but not in English]


Refused to accept credentials of U.S. Ambassador in solidarity with Bolivia.


Daniel Ortega won't attend a meeting with Bush in solidarity with Bolivia and says the U.S. is trying to foment a coup.


"We meet not to come up with magic formulas, but to show our solidarity with the people and the government of Bolivia, and hopefully we'll be able to see a little bit of light."

United States:

We regret the actions of both President Hugo Chavez and President Evo Morales to expel our ambassadors in Venezuela and Bolivia. This reflects the weakness and desperation of these leaders as they face serious internal challenges and an inability to communicate effectively internationally in order to build international support.


Expelled U.S. Ambassador.

"If they overthrow Evo, or kill him, that would give me the green light to support any type of armed movement in Bolivia."


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