Thursday, September 25, 2008


So Sarah Palin only gives a few painful interviews, but no one else is allowed to ask her anything about her views. John McCain wants to get out of the debate because he can't multitask.

It was therefore a breath of fresh air to watch the NC gubernatorial debate last night, where Libertarian candidate (and Duke political science professor) Mike Munger made reference to Jedi powers in his closing statement.


Anonymous,  11:18 AM  

This is turning into a three ring circus and to think that we thought 2000 election was bad. It is embarrassing to say the least.

Anonymous,  1:16 PM  

As if this couldn't get any worse.

"McCain wins debate" - I shi* you not

Paid for my McCain campaign

The ad

Miguel Centellas 1:34 PM  

One could ask how a candidate can win a debate that hasn't even happened yet. But one could also wonder how dueling televised 30-second spots can count as a "debate", too. Bleh.

That said, I'm pretty sure Obama is going to clean someone's clock tonight. Assuming someone shows up.

Greg Weeks 9:35 AM  

That's bizarre, but I suppose they figure the idea that he won will just stick in people's minds.

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