Monday, September 08, 2008

Coffee drinkers beware in Colombia

I laughed at this story, though I must admit it wouldn't be too funny guzzling Coffee Mate at rifle point:

A Conservative MP today described the terrifying moment he was held at gunpoint and forced to eat coffee whitener to persuade a group of excitable Colombian soldiers that he was not a drugs trafficker.
"It took some explanation, as I don’t speak more than two or three words in Spanish, for them to accept it was Coffee Mate," the MP, now safely back in Westminster, said today.

“They didn’t want to taste it as pure cocaine is fairly poisonous so I had to eat several mouthfuls in front of them, with guns aimed at me, until they could see that it had no ill effect - except afterwards I felt as sick as a dog.”

h/t BoRev.Net


boz 1:46 PM  

They didn't publish the best quote (political jab) from the guy:
"They waited a few minutes to see whether I collapsed or went delirious and said something completely ridiculous like ‘Gordon Brown’s got a great personality’."

Anonymous,  2:36 PM  

while it is a bit funny, it is pretty serious.

My cousin got put in prison for having some harina PAN (white corn meal) in his bag at an airport in the US when he was flying back to Venezuela. Sadly we didn't know what happened to him for two days because he wasn't allowed to make a phone call.

The airport officers kept testing the corn meal and came out negative but they insisted it was cocaine.

Greg Weeks 2:46 PM  

Maybe they should have tried to bake with it as a test--I doubt cocaine muffins would taste too good.

Anonymous,  5:05 PM  

You might want to tell your cousin that you can find harina PAN at any Latino supermarket in any big city. Would have saved lots of trouble.

Anonymous,  5:08 PM  

Wait. I misread your commentary. PAN is made in Venezuela, so why would he be traveling with it to Caracas? Maybe that's why they gave him a hard time.

Anonymous,  6:04 PM  

Mike, sort of a long story but that wasn't my point :)

The saddest part about the whole thing is that this was his first time traveling overseas and he is sort of a Chavez sympathizer (Chavista light if you will).

Anonymous,  10:50 PM  


Didn't see anything to link him to Chavez. He's a Tory and was described as a "Bright, thrusting rightwing Tory Eurosceptic".

He also supported the Iraq War, which would make him the only Chavista to do so.

He's not a Chavista; not even a light one.

Anonymous,  11:30 PM  

I was referring to my cousin, haha

Anonymous,  5:27 PM  


My bad. Some people on another site were claiming he was a leftie and I thought the idea had spread.


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