Friday, March 11, 2011

Fidel and Moammar

The Huffington Post has a post from Yoani Sánchez in English comparing Fidel Castro to Moammar Gaddafi.

Both leaders waved before their subjects' eyes the specter of foreign invasion and a return to political dependence, the worst of threats. Anti-colonialism became the big bad wolf of the eccentric Berber leader, while the Caribbean leader scratched around in the mud of anti-imperialism, turning the metaphor of David and Goliath into a perennial reference to Cuba and the United States.

It's a good post.  Short and sweet.


leftside 1:32 PM  

Both leaders waved before their subjects' eyes the specter of foreign invasion and a return to political dependence...

Apparently Yoani's ideological blinders have shielded her from recognizing the simple fact that the threats of foreign intervention in Libya and Cuba are not just some invention. They are real - based on the blood that has been shed in their land by Imperialists. And in fact, they are as active today as they've ever been today.

Fidel was called a paranoid fool for predicting the conflict in Libya would have international dimensions. Well, two weeks later we have NATO discussion for and planning for all kinds of military interventions combined with declarations from the leaders of the UK, France and the US about regime change.

In Cuba, it has been an interesting few weeks in terms of exposed Imperialist plans. A few days ago we learned of another US subversive plot, where a Cuban was asked to covertly pick up satellite dishes designed to look like surfboards (really) from Americans supposedly connected to (CIA connected) Freedom House. The password was "How is the surf in the South of France." We also had a Cuban expose last week showing how the US Govt. propoganda machine invents stories of repression and distributes them around the world without any attempt to verify what are often exposed as bald-faced lies. Plus we have the trial of Alan Gross, whereby he has already admitted being "used and tricked" by his employer - a subcontractor for the US Government - for trying to install sophisticated clandestine communications equipment in Cuba.

In short, Fidel and Gaddafi fear the US because the US is after them - and has been forever. Perhaps that is what unites them more than anything?

Vicente Duque 2:33 PM  

Mr Weeks

Thanks a lot for such good blog with many interesting topics about Latin America and the Arab World lately.

Many Latin Americans can be "Racially Profiled" as Arabs and the other way around ( ViceVersa ), perhaps this has some historic Mediterranean basis in Arabs invading Spain.

Libya is a horrible dangerous and hidden trap for the USA and the Euros, and as in billiards and billiard-pool Latin America can be hit by a "stray ball".

I hope that more people read George F. Will ( a super conservative ) in the Washington Post and an enemy of Military Intervention.

If the USA coughs then Latin America gets Neumonia. I have even more powerful arguments and reasons than George F. Will.

Reasons of Napoleon Bonaparte killing thousands upon thousands of Arabs in Egypt and Palestine in the most coward and brutal form.

More than two hundred years of murders, tortures, abuses and depredations of Europeans on Arabs.

Or perhaps we can count the Crusades one thousand years ago with the most stupid and brutal horrors or Europeans on Arabs.

God Bless America if this nation is not aggressive militarily in Libya.

Otherwise millions of chickens of Reverend Jeremiah Wright ( Obama's Pastor )will come home to roost.

And the Devil in Hell should be salivating from pleasure watching the Westerners( American, Canadian, Australian, European and NATOs ) that want War and Violence.


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