Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Obama in El Salvador

After much discussion, much confusion, and plenty of disagreement we finally got to hear what Barack Obama and Mauricio Funes prioritized during their brief meeting.  There were three main points.

First, pleasant pronouncements with nice names regarding economic growth.  Some of them, like the Bridge Initiative, are aimed specifically at immigrants (i.e. remittances).

Second, narcotrafficking.  The CARSI Initiative is an example they mentioned in particular.  To his credit, Obama does keep repeating the importance of reducing drug demand in the United States.

Third, migration.  Obama said again, as he did in Chile, that he would push for immigration reform.  He's been saying that for over two years, but still.

Boz mentions the environment, but I think it is noteworthy that Funes did not mention it, and Obama tacked it on the end of his speech as something he basically convinced El Salvador to do.

These do not preclude the symbolic measure of bolstering a moderate president in Central America, as Mike Allison has argued.  At least he isn't getting divorced in order to let his wife run for president!


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