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More on Libya and Latin America

Reading analyses of Latin American leaders' reaction to the Libyan crisis has been entertaining.  A simple matter of ideological unity--however repugnant--is transformed into sweeping arguments about Latin America as a whole.  This normally becomes a mirror of the author's own beliefs.  Take for example this L.A. Times op-ed by Andrés Martinez at the New America Foundation.

The fact that three Latin American leaders (Chávez, Castro, and Ortega) have expressed support for Gaddafi means the following (and I swear I am not making this up):

--All of Latin American civil society is "immature."  So presumably the fact that Hugo Chávez supports Gaddafi reflects Chilean or Mexican "immaturity" as well.

--"Latin leaders have arrogantly considered foreign affairs their exclusive prerogative, divorced from whatever constraints they face at home."  I will explain what this means once I figure it out.  If there were constraints, then presumably they would be constrained.  Otherwise they aren't constraints.

--Lula mocks human rights by his relation with Iran.  What this has to do with Libya or President Rousseff (she is not even mentioned in the article!) is not explained.  The Brazilian government has in fact not ruled any response out, but rather asserts any international solution must have UN backing.  Lula cozied up to Gaddafi plenty of times in the past, but currently Brazil is more or less in the mainstream with regard to a solution.

--In sum, the Latin American left is a big bloc and all of it supports Gaddafi. Except if it doesn't, I guess.


Vicente Duque 1:25 PM  

Mr Weeks :

I imagine or guess that Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, and Denmark are perfect countries ( Fairy Tale Countries ) were people are free, they are democracies with freedom of the press, liberties, ACCESS TO JUSTICE for the common man, etc... Paradises of Happiness.

On the other hand Libya and Egypt have been dictatorships where those beautiful things are almost totally denied.

I hear many reports of the TOTAL LACK OF ACCESS TO JUSTICE in Venezuela. And the Big Bag of Dirty Tricks of Chavez against Freedom of the Press, there are jails and imprisonment for Nice Gentlemen that fight for Democracy.

Those countries like Venezuela in Latin America are friends and supporters of Gadaffi.

Colombia may be better than Venezuela but is light years behind Sweden. Colombia is a Paradise compared to Venezuela, but it is somewhat poor in ACCESS TO JUSTICE( I am not talking of "redistribution" or "social justice", those things hated by U. S. Republicans ).

The best countries in Latin America like Chile are not going to love or support Gadaffi.

My Conclusion : Latin American Nations are very diverse, the worst love Gadaffi. The best hate him.

But all my theories will fall apart if Julian Assange of Wikileaks is extradited to the USA ( and executed for treason to the "Free World" )


Vicente Duque 5:02 PM  

Send in the Marines to Libya, and to all Banana Republics :

John McCain probably did more damage to U. S. Airplanes, Aircraft Carriers and sailor lives than to Vietnam and Ho Chi Min. He also destroys marriages and now wants more destruction of lives in Libya ( Libyan or American ?? )

Old Mac is an angry man - He would have loved kicking Mr Obama on the ass during the Televised Debates before the Election of year 2008. You could see the anger and fury of John McCain in his face - A White Man of the South challenged by this little ( insert here a word in the Spanish Language that means "Black" and you get an ugly N-Word in English ).

Old Mac is also furious and uncontrolled in Casinos when little old ladies touch his bet chips on the roulette table. He is extremely angry with Journalists that challenge his mavericks, maverickies or his flip-flops and turncoat positions, he is constantly changing colors like the chameleon, according to the wishes of the populace, so that he can win the next election.

Not only is Mac a Great Destroyer of Airplanes and Burner of Aircraft Carriers, he also burns marriages, specially when the devout and great lady is crippled by an accident and has been a Penelope waiting five years for his Ulysses Odysseus.

And now Mac Ulysses wants a war of American and NATOs over the beautiful sands of the Libyan Desert, killing many camels, tuaregs, and poisoning the palm trees and waters of Oases.


Most People do not see the Gravest Dangers ahead. All is too easy like in the Old Mac Case.

The Maverick destroyed many U. S. Military Airplanes and burned a big American aircraft carrier. There is a documentary movie in which you see the burning hell of the Ship Fire with many sailors dead.

And now "Let's send in the marines to the Banana Republic", because all "Third Worlders" and Backwards are created equal, and "we can end up winning something".

What Old Mac ignores is that this is another chapter ( and a most ridiculous one ) in the History Book of DeWesternization and DeWhitenization of the World.

This is also DeColonization, so ReColonization is not going to operate very well.

Vicente Duque

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