Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Obama's speech in Chile

Barack Obama's speech in Chile was bland.  There's no other way to put it.  We're partners, we're connected, you're so democratic, let me mention JFK!  Funny thing is, he even seems to acknowledge that fact:

Now, I know I’m not the first president from the United States to pledge a new spirit of partnership with our Latin American neighbors.  Words are easy, and I know that there have been times where perhaps the United States took this region for granted.

Words are indeed easy, though at least he mentions things that previous presidents tended not to.  He talks about immigration reform, the flow of guns from north to south and an emphasis on drug demand rather than supply, so hopefully those translate into action.

Other views:

--Robert Funk says Obama's message is "I am not Bush."

--Kenneth Bunker says the visit is a boost for Sebastián Piñera, who can use it

--Pato Navia says the symbolism of visiting Latin America even though a crisis brew elsewhere is important, and also the specific choice of Chile

--Fox News just hates Obama's guts for visiting Latin America in the first place


Alfredo 9:06 PM  

In my humble opinion this trip does nothing to basically change the dynamics of what was to have been a new way of the US in dealing with LA. Don't get me wrong I like Obama but so far what I have seen is more of a potential rather than concrete actions. There is a status quo when dealing with LA.

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