Saturday, March 19, 2011

Presidential plans

I just returned from the 2011 conference of the Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies, which I regularly attend and really enjoy.  I also became president of the organization, and hope to learn from Latin American politics.  You see, I only have a one year term with no re-election, so I will spend the next year figuring out how to end term limits--but only because the people want me, and who can deny the people?  If SECOLAS had a Supreme Court, I'd pack it.  Just for the people.


Mike 3:33 PM  

Congratulations. Have you informed your wife that if you fail to have your term extended, it will be up to her to carry on the family legacy?

Greg Weeks 3:37 PM  

How did I miss that possibility?? And I have three kids too!

David McKenzie 12:37 AM  

But do you have to divorce your wife and disinherit the kids first?

Russell 6:52 PM  


Oddly enough, the word verification for this comment is "kingl."

Lars,  1:49 PM  

Congratulations, Greg, although I'm not sure how you're going to handle all this plus your family and your "day" job as well. But I'm not going to worry because I'm pretty confident that Amy will enforce the term limit provision -- perhaps you should simply forget the Hugo Chavez model and think instead of the path followed by Vladimir Putin?

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