Thursday, March 17, 2011

Obama in Latin America

President Obama is already getting some pokes for traveling to Latin America despite the crises in the Middle East and Japan, not to mention a budget debate at home.  From the Wall Street Journal:

With the Middle East in turmoil, Japan’s nuclear reactors at least partly melting down and Congress in the midst of a budget battle, President Barack Obama is going to … Latin America.

Of course, he would also be criticized if he chose to postpone the trip.  In general, it reflects well on Latin America that it is not crisis-ridden enough to get the global spotlight.  In fact, Obama will likely talk about successful political transitions in Latin America in a comparative context.  It's downright comparative politics!

But during his trip to Latin America next week, Obama is likely to use his visit to a region that has undergone a long process of transitioning from authoritarian regimes to democratization to finally address the future of the Middle East. 

I have a feeling these will be superficial comparisons, but I will be interested to hear how he frames them.


Vicente Duque 1:45 PM  

Some people in CNN/Spanish are surprised and shocked that President Obama does not visit Colombia. A postponement could be the opportunity of adding that location to his vacations ( due to the grave problems in the Arab World and Japan )


Vicente Duque 1:47 PM  

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