Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Latin American drug consumption

A dark side of economic growth is that people have more disposable income to spend on illegal substances.  The UN is concerned about the rise of cocaine use among Latin American youths, led by Uruguay, Chile and Argentina.  Further, it looks like Peru may overtake Colombia as the world's largest exporter of coca.

Latin American governments rightfully criticize the United States for refusing to address the problem of consumption, but with increased Latin American consumption there is a pressing need to work jointly to find solutions that work.  Otherwise organized crime will be moving into places like Chile that have never experienced it before.


Vicente Duque 11:40 AM  

Mr Weeks, you said :

"but with increased Latin American consumption there is a pressing need to work jointly to find solutions that work".

Well said, I agree !

I know that this is a horrible problem in Latin America.

And one part of the solution is cooperation. Crime has no borders, limits and bounds. Criminals laugh at the jealousy of nationalism and use that jealousy and envy within nations in order to advance their business of drug dealing and traffic.

Extremists of the Left and Right are good for the business of criminals and drug dealers. Criminals within the USA and Mexico should be very happy with the Arizona Republicans and their actions.

Because energies, time and money are spent in useless juridical confrontations in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ( a Federal Court in San Francisco that decides on SB1070 ) and in the U. S. Supreme Court.

A mother with a drug addict son in Latin America understands the evil in the drug dealers that sell to her poor son. And knows that the USA could be of help to stop these malefactors.

Even at the risk of hurting nationalists, jingoists, chauvinists and "Great Patriots" of all nations, I say this :

Justice will have to become more International, the same for Jails, proceedings and collaboration between governments, embassies, etc ...

Wikileaks or not, jealousy or not, envy or no envy. We have to be international brothers and sisters against drug addiction and to put criminals in jail.

And Yes EXTRADITION is wonderful, that is what has lessened a little ( or perhaps a lot ) the Tsunami of Criminality in Colombia. ( There is still much work to be done ! )

Vicente Duque

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