Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obama on immigration

With the Libya crisis in full swing, what is getting less notice is the fact that President Obama has been repeating constantly over the past few weeks that he is committed to immigration reform.  He did so multiple times while on the trip to Latin America, and now has done so again in a speech at a high school.  The first paragraph in the Politico article makes clear the political risk this entails:

President Barack Obama on Monday told an audience of predominantly Latinos that he’s hopeful an immigration overhaul bill will be able to pass Congress soon, even though he was unable to shepherd legislation for the DREAM Act to his desk before the first half of his first term, when Democrats controlled both houses.

At what point does President Obama's promise to get things done combined with inability to convince Congress to pass anything start rebounding negatively on him?


Vicente Duque 5:28 AM  

Wait for an Obama second term and you can possibly see these new immigration laws. ( Good Probability ! )

Two facts :

1) We are in the middle of a Big Bull Market in Wall Street : Dow Jones Industrial Average over 12,279, Nasdaq at 2,756.

2) Gamblers, Bettors and Bookies are strongly betting their money for Mr Obama 2012 ... They are betting at 63% odds.

If this continues then it will be very difficult to kick out President Obama from Office. This according to the Historical Correlations between the Stock Market and the Presidential Elections.

Obama is very intelligent : I hope he does not get entangled forever in the Middle East wars ....


Raimo 8:48 AM  

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