Thursday, March 03, 2011

Hugo Chávez on the Middle East

Hugo Chávez on Libya: I want to help mediate.

Hugo Chávez on Egypt: No outside power should be involved and the country should find its own solution.  "El pueblo decidirá."

Hugo Chávez on the U.S government.: It is hypocritical.

Oh, and don't call me Mubarak.


ConsDemo 10:33 AM  

Having Hugito serve as "mediator" is like asking Mussolini to serve as mediator between the Allies and Hitler!

On another note, here is a great example of the misuse of state-owned media.

Notice the exceptionally unflattering photo of Clinton and the ideological assertions stated as facts!

The BBC and NPR are examples of news organizations that maintain some state support but serve as legitimate journalistic outlets. The same can not be said of Chavista "news" outlets.

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