Sunday, March 20, 2011

Obama to Brazil: no UN for you!

Obama on India in 2010:

"And that is why I can say today, in the years ahead, I look forward to a reformed United Nations Security Council that includes India as a permanent member."
Obama on Brazil in 2011:

In a joint statement, Obama and Rousseff said they recognized the need to reform international institutions to reflect the “current political and economic realities.”
But Washington did not explicitly back Brazil's aspirations for a permanent UN Security Council seat, as he did for India when visiting New Delhi in November.
“President Obama expressed appreciation for Brazil's aspiration to become a permanent member of the Security Council,” the statement said.


There are any number of reasons this is happening.  For example, as a permanent member India's votes would be far more likely than Brazil's to fall along the lines of U.S. policy.

Nonetheless, it opens up the Latin America trip with a slap at a time when the administration talks all about partnership.


Atlanta Roofing 1:29 AM  

Name one thing that was accomplish¬ed by his his visit to Rio, Brasil is becoming Socialist and their government hates the US. Is anyone aware that the US loaned $2 billion to Brasil to help develop an oil field 200 miles off their coast and that 100% of the oil they find will go to China. Obama really helped us out on that one!

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