Saturday, June 03, 2006


One of the many things we like about our new house is its proximity to the greenway. Today was the Northeast Greenway 5K, and we didn’t even need the car to get to it.

We hadn’t run a race since February, which is a long time—the spring semester was extremely busy, so we missed a lot of races. It was Amy’s turn to push the kids in the jogger stroller, so I was able to air it out and win my age division (this was another small race—I felt good about my 7:20 minute per mile pace, but I am in the middle of the pack in large races). She actually came in second in hers, despite pushing about 90 pounds of kids and stroller.

My personal goal is to break under 7 minutes per mile for a 5K. I came close two years ago at the Race for the Cure.


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