Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Effects of the National Guard on illegal immigration

At the Arizona-Mexico border, fewer immigrants have tried to cross illegally since the arrival of U.S. National Guard troops. The main reason, however, is not one we should be proud of—people are afraid of U.S. troops because of the widespread reports of abuse in Iraq. At the same time, there has been more movement along the California-Mexico border, even though the Governator also has approved the use of the National Guard (though I do not know if they have been deployed yet).

Although I am sure this will be heartening for restrictionists, chances are very high that it is temporary. The Guard will be eventually replaced by Border Patrol, at which point it is likely we’ll go back to the pattern of increased Border Patrol, fewer detentions, and more immigrants. It is also likely that, reports of abuse or not, word will spread that the Guard has no power to do much of anything but patrol.


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