Friday, June 16, 2006

Ogling women in Colombia

Couldn't resist this story. In Colombia, distraction is the leading cause of car accidents. The second leading cause of distraction is staring at women, according to the director of an organization that did a study on this important matter.

His presentation included close-up images of attractive women in miniskirts to remind the audience of the extent of this danger.

Very dangerous. But what to do?

While authorities have begun fining those caught driving and speaking on a cell phone - sanctioning more than 17,000 drivers in Bogota alone last year - the fund is recommending less draconian methods to discourage men from looking at women while driving.

"We are hoping for an educational campaign, to inform drivers of how dangerous this can be," said Fernandez.

Now that would be funny. But if it's not real women you're ogling, there are still billboards:

Other listed distractions were drivers fussing with their appearances and looking at advertising - which in Colombia often features scantily clad women.


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