Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fitzgibbon Survey

Last year I participated in the Fitzgibbon Survey, which asks people who study Latin America to rate democracy in different countries according to fifteen separate criteria (civilian supremacy, education level, free press, those sorts of things). It dates back to 1945, and has been conducted every five years since then. The results are now available. Overall, Costa Rica was deemed the strongest, and Haiti the weakest (no surprise there). Haiti was the worst in every category but two—Cuba was considered worst for freedom of press and free elections (though fairly high for education level and social legislation).


Anonymous,  11:58 AM  

hi Dr. Weeks,

Do you know where I could obtain Fitzgibbon Survey information for criteria no. #13

"Reasonable absence from political life of ecclesiastical controls or religious duress. This means that the political system is not dominated by formally organized churches, or by informally constitutional spiritualists"

for the 1980's and 1990s?

Joseph Holbrook
Florida International University

Greg Weeks 1:59 PM  

Sorry, I don't have any data aside from what is on their website, which indicates data will be available online Fall 2006. I'd contact the director, Joseph Klesner, at

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