Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cuba in the media

It isn’t my intention to turn this blog into a media critique (as I’ve been doing lately) but sometimes I read stuff that is too sensationalist to ignore. Today, for example, the Miami Herald has the following headline:

Castro's standing tied to leftists' rise

The Cuban president's stature appears to be at its highest in at least 15 years, elevated by left-leaning Latin American presidents.

Now, on to the quotes given to support this hypothesis.

"I wouldn't say he's enjoying more support; I'd say he's feeling better than ever, because things are going his way in Latin America when they hadn't for years.”

"I wouldn't say it shows greater influence in the region.''

''It's not so much that they like him, but they don't like us.''

There is only one interviewee out of five who fully supports the article’s argument. A more accurate headline might be something like:

Fidel Castro somewhat less unpopular now than 15 years ago


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