Sunday, June 21, 2009

Alvaro Uribe and human rights

Last month I noted how the English-language media was no longer quite so enamored of Alvaro Uribe. In particular, even small news items now often conclude with a list of human rights problems. Now, for example, we hear that the Colombian Congress is balking at a bill required to allow a referendum on whether Uribe should be allowed to run for a third consecutive term. The article concludes with:

But his government has been plagued by scandals in which allied lawmakers have been linked to right-wing death squads and soldiers have gunned down innocent civilians to pass their bodies off as rebels killed in combat.

It's like a signature put at the end of every email, summed up as "he's very popular but his government has massacred countless people."


Defensores de Democracia 1:15 PM  

It would be better if Alvaro Urive decides not to run for a third term.

Or if Congress blocks the Referendum.

I doubt that the Referendum is approved by people because he already lost one referendum for Constitutional Amendments. The constitutuion requires big participation and he did not get it. That was four of five years ago.

There is a big possibility of Abstention being the Winner and Uribe not being able to run for third term.

Alvaro Uribe is not a saint, and his defeated enemies ( FARC supported by Chavez, Correa and Ortega ) are not little angels of Heaven.

No democracy can prosper with Vitalicious Rulers and Eternal Governments.

Thomas Jefferson said something about the need for alternation in power.

Alvaro Urive would win easily the voter favor without any force, fraud, terrorism, promises or strong persuasion, but the Constitutional Hurdles seem very high and enough to stop him.

Vicente Duque

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