Tuesday, June 02, 2009

El Salvador's new era

Mauricio Funes is now the president of El Salvador, and in his inauguration speech maintained the highly conciliatory tone that was the hallmark of his campaign.

I am quite sure that Gabriel Serrano was there to watch it all. He is the new mayor of San Julián, a Salvadoran town in the department of Sonsonate (you can see him here giving a speech). He is also a former student of mine, and I had the pleasure of having coffee with him a few months ago to chat about his campaign and all the challenges he faces. He defies all stereotypes, as he is unabashedly leftist but also a successful businessman with very strong ties to the U.S. He is absolutely passionate about helping to fix El Salvador's many ills. The more like him El Salvador has, the better.



Gabriel's Wife is HOT.........
Tha Was a compliment.
Probably Inapropiate.....jejejeje.

Did You Notice tha Evo and Hugo were absentt from Funes ignauration.
Ortega only Showed up at the Stadium Party.

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