Sunday, June 28, 2009

OAS response

So how long will the Micheletti government exist? The OAS makes clear that no one will recognize him and that Zelaya must be returned to office:

REITERATING the principles established in the Charter of the Organization of American States and the Inter-American Democratic Charter on the strengthening and preservation of the democratic institutional system in member states, andRECALLING CP/RES. 952 (1699/09) of June 26, 2009, relative to the situation in Honduras,RESOLVES:

1. To condemn vehemently the coup d’état staged this morning against the constitutionally-established Government of Honduras, and the arbitrary detention and expulsion from the country of the constitutional president José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, which has produced an unconstitutional alteration of the democratic order.

2. To demand the immediate, safe and unconditional return of President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales to his constitutional functions.

3. To declare that no government arising from this unconstitutional interruption will be recognized.


Gabriel,  9:28 PM  

Eelctions are in 5 months. Even if Zelaya came back, what would he come back to? It's clear he has no support among the the major institutions. is he going to come back and order Congress and the Supreme Court to resign? Is he going to purge the armed forces?

Justin Delacour 12:25 AM  

Just out of curiosity, Gabriel, what do you have to gain from pushing a coup that the OAS and the United States have already unequivocally denounced? Can't you see that this is a lost cause?

Gabriel,  12:39 AM  

I'm not pushing anything. I'm pointing out reality. What is Zelaya going to return to?

And where was the OAS when Ortega stole last year's municipal elections? I'll start taking the OAS more seriously on matters of democracy when they start being consistent.

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