Monday, June 29, 2009

Honduras and legality

Roberto Micheletti and other coup supporters insist everything was legal. If their actions could be deemed legal by virtue of specific laws, that would bolster their assertion that Zelaya's removal was legitimate. Yet the coup is now about 36 hours old, and to my knowledge no one has explained what law was followed, who issued the court order for picking up Zelaya and flying him out of the country, and what legal basis the new government has for remaining in power until the next presidential election.

Why is that?


Anonymous,  12:05 AM  

Mr. Weeks, Our constitution is the Law and nobody is above it. No one can conduct a referendum but the National Electoral Tribunal translated to english. Jose Manuel Zelaya was violating this article of our constitution and was conducting a referendum himself, even knowing the Supreme court declared it illegal. Furthermore the results were already ready, the ballots were sent from Venezuela in an airplane that was confiscated by our Air Force. Finally the order to his detention and expulsion was issued by a judge in our court system, we needed to wait until the decree, wrote by Zelaya, was published in the official newspaper, La Gaceta, once that happened the crime against the constitution can be tipified and consumated. Furthermore the actual wording was different, in the original decree he states it's a mere survey to be conducted by the INE, National Institute of Statistics, which is illegal and add to the counts of his crimes against the constitution, because the only entity authorized to conduct any consult or survey is the National Electoral Tribunal. Anyway, the original decree stated that it was a mere survey while the published decree said it was a referendum authorizing him to abolish the congress, the supreme court and our civil rigths, and to call a constituent asembly for derogation of our constitution and therefor all the powers of the state will rely upon him. We Hondurans don't like him in our country. The OEA and ONU are santioning Honduras but not CUBA for Raul Castro, he was not elected.

This is our problem, so please step aside and le us handle it.

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