Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lula and Iran

We continue to wait and see how Iran's election aftermath shakes out. Lula believes there is no fraud, with logic that does not show him at his best.

First, you can't have fraud if you win by a big margin. "It's too big a vote for anyone to imagine that there may have been a fraud."

Second, it is not fraud if the winners don't believe there was fraud. "I don't know anyone, other than the opposition, who has disagreed with the elections in Iran."


Justin Delacour 3:06 AM  

I think the more important point is that, amidst all the hysteria, none of the U.S. press has presented any concrete evidence of fraud. Somehow we just assume that, because Ahmadinejad does not live up to the West's liberal values, it must be the case that the majority of Iran's people use the same yardstick to judge him. That's a rather silly assumption. Somehow it escapes the West that Moussavi's educated, upper middle-class base is not representative of Iranian society as a whole.

Perhaps the Financial Times got it right a week ago when it stated the following: "Change for the poor means food and jobs, not a relaxed dress code or mixed recreation... Politics in Iran is a lot more about class war than religion."

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