Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zelaya at the UN

President Zelaya is scheduled to address the UN General Assembly today at 11 a.m. EST. Let's see what tone he strikes. Right now he has everyone condemning the coup, but he needs to maintain that support, so he has to strike a balance between showing outrage while not being inflammatory.


pc 10:39 AM  

Noel Maurer says he thinks it might have been legal. Any thoughts?


Greg Weeks 11:07 AM  

My comment is that although people are sending me tons of links, not one of them says anything about the legality of detaining the president and taking him out of the country.

leftside 2:28 PM  

Again this linka assumes that Zelaya violated a Supreme Court order. In fact, he acceded to the ruling by changing the election from a binding to a non-binding poll. There was no Court ruling on a non-binding poll. And one is not needed since there are no legal implications to a non-binding poll.

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