Friday, June 12, 2009

Blogging Latin American politics

I organized a workshop (conference-ese for "discussion without conference papers") on blogging Latin American politics, which I enjoyed a lot. When I have time, I will write a post trying to summarize some of the main ideas regarding the benefits of blogging. In particular, we talked quite a bit about how blogging can help you professionally. I talked about how generally a professor does not get professional credit for blogging, so you have to think about what other rewards it provides, but I am rethinking that (Patricio Navia, who blogs on Chilean politics at Referente, in particular made a lot of really interesting points on that issue). There was a lot of food for thought.


Anonymous,  9:29 PM  

I really enjoyed the workshop. Thanks again for organizing it.

Miguel Centellas 11:33 AM  

Again, I'm really sorry I missed it. I tried to email you several times, but some of the emails kept bouncing back, so I'm not sure if you ever got them. If so, I profusely apologize. I just wasn't able to make it to LASA at all this year (which was a big disappointment for me, personally).

I'm glad the roundtable went well. I'll be in Bolivia starting tomorrow, but I'll try to carve out a moment to read about it. And don't forget about the new LAPIS social network site:

Greg Weeks 12:27 PM  

Russell, thanks--I think the grad student angle was valuable because it is very different from a professor's.

Miguel, no problem at all. There are a lot of no-shows--the timing of an expensive flight with the economic crisis was a shame.

Miguel Centellas 12:50 PM  

Indeed. Plus, w/ transitioning to new jobs at Ole Miss, neither of our (my wife or I) old institutions would cover our expenses, and ditto the new ones. Boo!

Nono 8:22 AM  

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Anonymous,  3:35 AM  

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