Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am now in Rio for the Latin American Studies Association conference, so blogging will be light. I have two presentations (one on Chilean politics and one on blogging) so am now going over those while drinking a Brahma. Quickly looking it up, I find it was first produced by a Brazilian company, which then merged with InBev, which in turn is a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch Inbev. All of which is not as fun as just thinking I am drinking Brazilian beer.

Maybe it's time for a caipirinha.


Anonymous,  1:27 PM  


Brahma is like Bud and it's crap beer. Caipirinhas are better, but if you want to drink beer in Brazil, Caracu [that's a Tup-Guarani word, not what you think it is) and Xingu are much better.

Where are you staying?

Greg Weeks 5:08 PM  

Thanks for the beer tip. I am staying at a hotel on Rua Bolivar.

Today I got to see the room where Vargas killed himself. They kept the furniture in the exact same places, and even display the gun. Kind of creepy, actually.

And I haven't had fruit juices this good since I was in Costa Rica.

Unknown 8:49 AM  

No funds in PA for out-of-state travel. Missing LASA...well, the social part...already. I'd love a report when you get back on the buzz at the conference.

Anonymous,  5:43 PM  

OMG, you're in Copacabana. Be careful if you walk around there at night.

Interesting about Vargas's room. I didn't even know they had tours of the Catate Palace.

Agree with you about the fruit juices. Have a bowl of acai if you can.

Anonymous,  3:35 AM  

thanks for the information....

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