Sunday, June 28, 2009

Diplomatic recognition in Honduras

Diplomatic recognition is now one of the obstacles to the proclaimed presidency of Ricardo Micheletti. As yet, no government has recognized him as legitimate, and condemnation has been the norm. I would be shocked if any Latin American government recognized him, which means his chances of remaining in power very long are not good.


Gabriel 7:04 PM  

There are presidential elections there in a few months, I suspect that's all he needs.

Latin governments are forgiving of abuses of power, just look at the reaction to how Ortega stole the municipal elections in Nicaragua last November. No one seems to care.

And the same Latin governments that want the region's longest dictatorship to join the OAS probably don't have much moral authority to attack Honduras.

In the end this just shows how much more Latin America needs to go before it's institutions are solid.

I was in the Cayman Islands recently and asked why they did not want to be fully independent. Several responded that they looked at what happened in Jamaica as a counter example.

Greg, what's a a good book comapring institutions in the English-speaking Caribbean with the rest of the region?

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