Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The World Bank and Honduras

The World Bank has announced it has "paused" its lending to Honduras. In these situations, especially with Honduras' weak economy, money talks, though the amount involved ($80 million for development projects this fiscal year) may not hurt the coup government. Notably, the U.S. government has not initiated any such "pause."


leftside 2:10 PM  

The US is clearly trying to play both sides of the fence here. It can't be the only country legitimizing the coup, but it also does not really want Zelaya back. If it was serious about wanting Zelaya back its words would have to have some meaning or consequence behind them. A simple gesture would be to withdraw the US Ambassador, like the Central American and ALBA nations have done. A serious gesture would be to legally call a coup a coup - beginning the process of freezing foreign aid and military assistance. The State Department clearly does not want to go down that path because they are so desperate for friends in Latin America. We know the Honduran military has long been one of our best clients...

Gabriel 2:18 PM  

I would be surprised if the US did something like this. Even the WB is likely to change its mind soon I suspect.

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