Friday, July 17, 2009

Fidel on Honduras

I came across a link to Fidel Castro's column today about Honduras, blaming the U.S. and talking about Oliver North.

What I find interesting, though, is that at least in this case no one cares what Fidel Castro thinks. The Honduran opposition never mentions him. No U.S. official ever mentions him. Supporters of Zelaya don't either. Actually, I have yet to read any analysis of Honduras that mentions him.


Justin Delacour 8:46 PM  

Indeed, Fidel has lost his bogeyman status. The new "red menace" is Chavez because he's younger and has oil. This is the new, soft-core version of the red scare. It makes perfect sense that the coup-backers try to define their battle as one against Chavez because Chavez has been effectively demonized within elite culture. The coup-backers are betting that, if they can associate Zelaya with Chavez, Zelaya will look like a demon too. The strategy is all very predictable.

Slave Revolt,  9:17 PM  

Millions care what Fidel thinks. The notion that nobody cares or is interested is a specie of imperialist wishful thinking.

The ecocidal freaks that have historically terrorized the Americas would love you to spread this meme.

Fidel makes far more cogent points than the cocophany of intellectual whores that spread their cheeks for the neceophilic imperial beast, indeed.

Repeat and stretch the sphincter: death squads are freedom fighters; corporate hegemony is democracy; freedom is wage slavery; people that decry ecological pillage are extrmists, ECG.

You all know the drill. Sigh.

Justin Delacour 4:09 AM  

Well, it's true that, in Latin America, Fidel Castro commands much more respect than most U.S. political scientists would be inclined to recognize. That much is clear from the cross-regional polling. In Latin America, Castro's name does not carry the stigma that it does in the United States.

But the reason that U.S. media don't focus on Fidel's statement about Honduras is that Fidel doesn't have the bogeyman status that he once had. Their new bogeyman is Chavez. The media have concocted a caricature of Chavez that frightens a good number of people (and especially elites). So when the media pay attention to what Chavez says about Honduras, their primary purpose is to try to tarnish Zelaya's image by associating him with Chavez.

MSS 6:22 PM  

So, may I assume that Fidel is not dead?

Greg Weeks 12:27 PM  

I guess not. But losing his touch.

Anonymous,  3:11 AM  

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