Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The cracks in Honduras

Very interesting story from the New York Times. Micheletti has rejected a new proposal, but this time from his own negotiating team. Indeed, his own foreign minister (and looking like the proposal from former president Flores). It was leaked by U.S. congressional aides, as a way to put more pressure on Micheletti, whose side now says they are putting together something new and so are not going to attend the meetings today as planned.

The next step is to see whether the coup government will simply start negotiating unsuccessfully with itself, then start blaming a global conspiracy when they can't come to agreement.


Anonymous,  9:36 AM  

Acording to the article it's not just Micheletti who disagrees, it's the Supreme Court as well.

I don't get why the outside world is supposed to ignore what Honduras other legitimate institutions have said about all of this.

leftside 1:09 PM  

I don't get why the outside world is supposed to ignore what Honduras other legitimate institutions have said about all of this.

Because they have been shown to have had no objective basis for their actions and they have proven themselves to be part of a criminal conspiracy to oust the President.

leftside 2:12 PM  

And because the "legitimate" institutions never ordered Zelaya's removal from office, nor his removal from the country. These are the only two principles Zelaya is fighting for. If he has to go to some special Tribunal to sort out the referendum nonsense, I think he relishes that day.

leftside 3:22 PM  

Uribe expresses sympathy for golpistas. Birds of a feather...

Also, in a official US Government editorial published on VOA an hour ago, the US somehow concludes that "progress" in the talks is being made (talks have now been suspended). The statement refuses to say one bad word about the golpistas intransigence in the negotiations (though does commend Zelaya). It also decries any "further isolation of the de facto regime" as it would be to the detriment of the country. What!! Isolation is what is needed. They also took pains to warn Zelaya against "forcibly re-entering" the country, as I predicted... things do not look good.

leftside 3:30 PM  

Sorry to monopolize, but I found this report about Brazil's unhappiness about the Arias led negotiations very interesting:

Brazilian Foreign Affairs Minister Celso Amorim phoned last weekend US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was in New Delhi, India, to “express concern” about the slow pace and handling of the negotiations for the reinstatement of the democratic order in Honduras, reports Folha do Sao Paulo.

...Amorim conveyed Brazil's criticism to Hillary regarding the way in which the mediation "on equal footing" was being carried out between the coup and deposed governments... (and that ...Brazil did not approve of the possibility that the coup organizers could impose conditions for the return of President Zelaya, much less that of a coalition government of the two sides.

If such an agreement were sealed, according to the Brazilians' assessment, it will be characterized as a victory for the coup organizers, which would serve as an incentive for new coups in Latin America.

Seems like the exact same thing Hugo Chavez and Castro have said but somehow it does not get reported in in the US press.

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