Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Programming note: spam

I got hit very hard by spammers overnight, with about 300 comments placed in a large number of posts. I will delete them as I can but it is time consuming so try and ignore them.


boz 9:37 AM  

I saw several blogs were hit yesterday. If you're not doing it already, there is an option in Blogger to shut down new comments on posts that are one or two weeks old. It might help in the future.

Defensores de Democracia 10:49 AM  

Mr Weeks :

Sorry that you suffered from commercial spam ... they have also been a great obstacle for me.

My blogs touch very controversial subjects, the easiest material for Hate and to enrage a few madmen.

I had a very liberal policy of allowing people that were not in agreement with me to publich their opinions. But this was growing to be a Big Task for me.

There are very young persons, innocent and kind persons that have been indoctrinated in Intolerance, and they can evolve ....

But there are others that have fossilized brains, their neurons are calcified and they were filling my blogs with foolish opinions of intolerance, feelings of being superior to others by birth.

So I had to moderate comments ( against my wishes ) and now I only receive a few comments of friends, some of them have talents to appreciate and even make ART....

Since I am very weak in these areas that is very welcome .... but I feel sorry that their contributions can not be published immediately....

I hope that your situation with spam improves and if I am ever one of the nasty guys, please tell me, that I will try to be more moderate ....

I have had to erase many things that I publish because I become inflamed and impassioned like Rush Limbaugh !! ( Laughing Out Loud )...

Thanks Heaven, I do not have a microphone before me !!!

Good Luck and thanks for your presence in the Internet .... And do not forget the Andean Nations, please !

Vicente Duque

Otto 4:14 PM  

FWIW me too, but as i have all comments on "moderate only" they don't get to see the light.

I went "moderate only" months ago after a similar attack period. The last week has seen tons of the stuff.

Greg Weeks 5:45 PM  

I am going to wait and see. I do not want to moderate because sometimes I get a lot of comments and I cannot spend the time to approve them. The other option is to force commenters to type in the letters they see. I find this annoying, especially when I can barely see them, but if I get hit again I will have to do something.

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