Friday, July 24, 2009

Honduras: An update of sorts

So Mel Zelaya was in a 50 car caravan on his way toward Honduras, accompanied by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro. Or maybe it is 20 trucks. Either way, he's driving a white Jeep Wrangler and will be showing up soon.

The Honduran defense minister says Hugo Chávez wants Zelaya dead, I suppose because he felt the need to mention Chávez and couldn't come up with something better. Defense Minister Sevilla also reaffirms there is a warrant for Zelaya's arrest. However, the government is going to make sure it piles lots of dirt at the border to make sure the court's orders are never enforced. The police might be on strike, or they might not.

Meanwhile, José Miguel Insulza is scratching his head, trying to figure out why no one wants to negotiate anymore, and the coup government isn't even willing to negotiate with itself.

And there we are.

Update: CNN en Español asked the director of National Police if Zelaya would be arrested if he entered the country. He refused to answer, saying "the National Police has a plan, and it will be carried out." Thanks for clearing that up...


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