Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Honduras and Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan National Assembly is now entering the Honduran fray. The opposition is starting to talk about a resolution to expel Mel Zelaya from the country. Prior, they would put together a commission to go to the border and evaluate the situation. The Constitutional Liberal Party is leading the way--at this point it is not clear whether they could garner a majority in support. The Sandinistas only have a plurality so cannot block it alone, but Daniel Ortega has forged alliances in the past with members of the conservative Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance.

Regardless, it is not unreasonable to assert that Nicaraguans regardless of political affiliation may well start getting tired of Zelaya's extended presence, which is disrupting the border.


Anonymous,  9:23 AM  

I read (maybe one of your links) that for all the talk of closing the border to punish Honduras, Nicaragua depends more on it. And it's not like Nicaragua is a rich country. So it makes sense they are getting tired of Zelaya.

Nell 12:34 PM  

The Honduran military's blockade of traffic to (and through) El Paraiso and Choluteca departments is what's causing the problems for Nicaragua. Blaming Zelaya for that is like holding a stopped driver responsible for the taser torture he receives when he declines to obey a policeman's unlawful request. Zelaya isn't "causing" this illegal, unjustified blockade; the coup government and the Honduran military are.

Maybe yesterday's revocation of visas to coup leaders (totally unrelated to Monday's open letter to Sec. Clinton from the garment corporations, I'm sure) will begin the overdue climbdown. Confirmed newly visaless golpistas: the Supreme Court judge who signed the detention order for Zelaya dated 28 June, the legislator who succeeded Micheletti as president of the congress, and Ramon Custodio, the "Human Rights" commissioner who has betrayed everything he ever stood for with his lies and participation in this coup.

Micheletti, though he denies having received any notification, was surely at the top of yesterday's list of four.

Robert,  1:17 PM  

Mel is now saying he will lead a militia to take back his presidency. Why the desperation? Has he not the full support of the international community? Or is it another one of his idiotic actions like Friday's Hokey Pokey at the Border?

Please be aware that there apears to be evidence that the so called activist had been paid and a payroll book was discovered recently. Money is suspected to come from FARC. Stay tuned to see if it pans out to be true. (I wouldn't be surprised as it fits the patern of behaviour of the ALBA Cartel)

And by the way NELL, the visas that were revoked were their Type A Diplomatic Visas. Not their Type B1 tourist visas. SO they are not Visaless.

Slave Revolt,  3:47 PM  

Given the undemoctratic nature of the Honduran coup government, the wholesale repression and murders, it is clear that this effort is being lead by the oligarchy in Nicaragua. No doubt the greeted the coup.

As far as developing a citizens militia in Honduras, this is a logical next move--sometimes the people have to tale power through violence. This is constitutional and overdue.

Democracy and freedom have been eliminated in Honduras--and the empire and it's lackies would have the Honduran people accept their role as slaves to US corporations and the pedophilic comprador elite.

Sorry you ecocidal terrorists--the people will no obey. No how, no way.

Justin Delacour 8:39 PM  

Try developing a coherent form of argumentation, Robert.

One minute you're suggesting that Zelaya shouldn't try desperate maneuvers because he's supported by the international community. The next minute you're suggesting that the U.S. isn't really doing much to help Zelaya when it takes away a few diplomatic visas from the coup government.

The contradictions in your line of reasoning are so glaring that it's hard for me to believe that you don't recognize them.

Nell 1:31 PM  

:: Honduras lifts checkpoints to restart cross-border trade with Nicaragua

2009-07-30 09:45:27

TEGUCIGALPA, July 29 (Xinhua) -- The Honduran interim government on Wednesday completely withdrew the military checkpoints from the highway linking the country with Nicaragua in order to restart cross-border trade.

Although the highway was clear, there was still police and military presence in the border area.
Zelaya currently is organizing peaceful resistance on the Nicaraguan border in order to retake his presidency. ::

Today's action makes clear that the military, not Zelaya, caused the blockade. Only right-wing Nicaraguans have any reason to be "disturbed" by the presence of Zelaya and his supporters.

Unknown 5:02 AM  

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