Friday, July 24, 2009

Honduras: further update

I will not be live blogging or providing constant updates, but Mel Zelaya has now reached the Honduran border, but has not crossed it. Initial reports indicate security forces (CNN says it is "police and soldiers") firing on some of his supporters and also using tear gas.

Update: Immediately going back on what I just said, Zelaya is just waiting at the border, saying he is waiting to be allowed to enter peacefully, rather than demanding entry or attempting to enter by force. He has been very good at maintaining the high ground since his overthrow.

How long can Micheletti simply ignore his presence?

Update again: Despite what he said, Zelaya entered, and no one stopped him. Then he stepped back real quick to avoid arrest.


leftside 5:52 PM  

We know there is an arrest warrant and judicial summons for Zelaya. But is there any indication that Zelaya would be able to be legally detained for any period of time? It probably comes down to whether Zelaya is considered el Presidente or not. They could probably detain Zelaya indefinitely if he's not President. But I would not see how they'd be able to keep him in jail if he is President.

Of course the only "legal" basis for Zelaya not still being President is the bogus action by the Honduran Congress "accepting the resignation" of Zelaya, based on the falsified resignation letter. If the Honduran legal system was really working at the service of the law, and not the coup plotters, they would issue an order overturning Congresses rogue actions thereby reinstating Zelaya.

el callao 9:13 PM  

"Then he stepped back real quick to avoid arrest."

I watched the whole thing in Telesur and he did not jump back "real quick" after stepping into Honduras. He was there as long as he wanted talking on his cell and giving interviews. He went back to the Nicaraguan side because he wanted some privacy inside his vehicle. He then came back over the border into Honduras. The only reason he's gone back into Nicaragua is because he wants to enter peacefully and not because he's afraid of being arrested. Anyway, I don't believe the coup regime is interested in arresting him.

brainfood,  2:44 PM  


brainfood,  2:45 PM  

Castro’s scheme, implemented by Chavez, Morales, Correa, Zelaya, etc. works along these lines:

1.   Select a wannabe dictator -- a “charismatic” and depraved megalomaniac who is ready to sell out his country (like Chavez, Morales, Correa, Zelaya). Help him run for president of the country.

2.   Invest millions in a “professional” campaign demonizing the opposition and promising CHANGE to help the poor, end corruption, improve schools… whatever people want to hear.

3.   Commit as much fraud as possible to make sure the wannabe dictator wins.

4.   Have “protectors of human rights” like Insulza (OAS) -- who have really been trampling on human rights by promoting communism for years -- declare that the elections were “legal and transparent.” Carter has also been used to do this dirty job.

5.   Make sure that, once in power, the wannabe dictator takes over the Legislative and Judicial branches of power, destroys the country’s institutions, intimidates and controls the media, and demonizes, intimidates and even kills anyone trying to defend the country.

6.   Have a referendum to approve a new constitution. Representatives of the people are supposed to write that constitution. In reality, people don’t even know what’s in the new constitution, which is written by Castro/Chavez's agents before the wannabe dictator even “runs” for office.

7.   Have Insulza (OAS) and others who pretend to “protect human rights” declare that the referendum is perfectly “legal and transparent.” .

The goal of the new constitution is to help the wannabe dictator become a full-blown dictator for life (like Castro in Cuba), prevent people from defending themselves, and create a network of tyrants that protect each other.

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