Sunday, July 19, 2009

Honduras talks

Talks will apparently continue today, and according to Costa Rica's La Nación, the worst sticking point is the issue of Zelaya's return to the presidency--one of Micheletti's representative said succinctly, "Impossible." The two sides indicated they would be reading more proposals from Oscar Arias overnight.

Zelaya's ultimatum of midnight was not mentioned during the meetings. His statements about returning immediately seem to be related mostly to improving his bargaining position. He may well wait until the talks are officially (or at least obviously) stalemated before returning, which would keep him more on the high ground after Arias' repeated entreaties to let the process continue some more. At that point he can say he tried everything before returning.


Tech 8:06 AM  

They can mediate all they want. I don't think they will come to an agreement anytime soon.

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