Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Slow ride

When Mel Zelaya proved that ultimately he was unwilling to cross into Honduras, my take was that the coup government would then be emboldened to stall.

Now, the Tribunal Supremo Electoral says it is not opposed in principle to moving up the elections, but there will be have to be a process of meeting with all groups who would affected and reaching a consensus with them. That will take a while.

And a special congressional commission will take its time to determine whether Zelaya could be granted an amnesty. Then it will write up a report. Then that report will have to be debated by the full Congress.

It is still hard to figure out the military's role, since it proclaimed itself committed to the San José Accords. Perhaps as long as the coup government says it is open to the proposal, then armed forces will remain in the background.

Update: even slower. Congress says it wants the Supreme Court to rule on the issue.


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