Sunday, July 12, 2009

Honduras: the coup and the Church

On the one hand, the Pope has called for dialogue to "ensure peaceful coexistence and authentic democratic life" in Honduras.

On the other, Tracy Wilkinson at the L.A. Times published an article questioning the role of Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodríguez Maradiaga in the coup as well as its aftermath:

Nine days after the coup and two days after Zelaya attempted unsuccessfully to land at the airport, the cardinal was overheard on his cellphone to the attorney general, urging him to produce drug trafficking evidence against Zelaya. "My son," he said, "we need that proof. It's the only thing that will help us now."

I've mentioned the Cardinal's role before, and comments suggested there may be a split between the Church hierarchy and local parishes. There are still a lot of untold stories.


leftside 3:06 PM  

I almost dropped my coffee reading that this morning. Wow. I think this Cardinal just kissed his chance at being Pope goodbye.

Anonymous,  9:02 AM  

This is, of course, a remarkable unattributed quote. What was the source? How did the person who supposedly heard it know who he was talking to? Why would the Cardinal allow someone so close to him that has such a different agenda? It is hard to believe that someone with this level of political and diplomatic experience could say something so stupid. I suspect that there is more to the story.

Anonymous,  10:06 AM  

Here is the seeming coordination in the Honduran press.

I doubt very much there is a dime's worth of difference between right/left on cooperation with drug traffickers. The folks who cooperate do not do so out of ideology or political values, but personal enrichment. It seems that this article is just another way to try and discredit Zelaya along the lines suggested by
the LA Times quote.

Anonymous,  1:40 PM  

Today, in Clarín, CArdinal Rodriguez was asked,”Why did you [the bishops] support the de facto government of Micheletti?”
He answered: “That is not true. We have explained what happened; we have not legitimated anyone. What you have to see here is the process and how Zelaya was violating the Constitution.”
I'm confused.

Doug Zylstra 6:34 PM  

Reuters is slowly coming around on this.

Anonymous,  7:46 PM  

Breaking news: The Catholic Church is an authoritarian institution!

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