Sunday, July 05, 2009

Zelaya's planned return

After much speculation about timing, according to the Miami Herald Zelaya will be returning to Honduras this afternoon. Without providing sources, the article also suggests that no other president will go with him, and Insulza might not either. If that is true, I don't know what changed--Rafael Correa had previously confirmed he was going, adding melodramatically that Honduras "would be a good place to die."

At this point it is a game of chicken, and something will have to give. The coup government, along with the Catholic Church, has made very clear that they want to start pretending that Zelaya never existed. Have new presidential elections and start believing they dreamed it all.

We can only hope there is more discussion going on behind the scenes than is being reported.

Update: La Prensa's Twitter page says television stations have announced that Zelaya will go to El Salvador, not Honduras. There is just no way of predicting what will happen from one moment to the next.


Steven Taylor 10:44 AM  

It certainly will make for a very different homecoming if he goes by himself.

And who knew that Correa was a Klingon?

Nell 12:48 PM  

Al Giordano reported:

In a press conference that got underway at OAS headquarters a few minutes ago at 11:55 a.m. ET (9:55 a.m. in Tegucigalpa), Honduran President Miguel Zelaya announced that two planes will be heading south today.

The first airplane will head from Washington DC directly to the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa, and it will carry President Zelaya and Miguel D’Escoto, president of the United Nations General Assembly.

The second airplane will head first to San Salvador, carrying Presidents Rafael Correa of Ecuador, Fernando Lugo of Paraguay, Kristina Kirchner of Argentina, and OAS chairman Jose Miguel Insulza, "to begin the process... of assuring that the Democratic Charter of the Organization of American States is complied with" in Honduras.

I imagine corporate news reports will be appearing shortly; Al posted before the press conference was over.

Nell 12:57 PM  

Guess I shouldn't assume those following events related to the coup would know where to find Al G's posts without a link:

The Field

Greg Weeks 1:08 PM  

It's already in the English MSM.

So no presidents with him, but a UN official. As protection it's not nearly as good.

As of now, Micheletti says he can't land. So we'll have to see if they try anyway.

Justin Delacour 3:26 PM  

So no presidents with him, but a UN official.

Well, Miguel D'Escoto is not just any U.N. official. A bunch of Honduras' ambassadors are apparently with Zelaya as well. Correa and Fernandez are in another plane, but Correa says that, if Honduran authorities allow Zelaya's plane to land, their plane will land in Honduras' international airport as well.

Greg Weeks 3:30 PM  

The Salvadoran press is also reporting that Zelaya will land there, not Honduras.

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