Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Airport security

Starting through security on a domestic flight, I saw a sheet of paper dedicated solely to saying that flights coming from Venezuela should not necessarily be trusted because of poor security. I found this so ironic since the attack on the Detroit flight only a few days earlier originated in Amsterdam, where apparently they don't even bother to look at passports and the airport is full of security holes. Will they replace the Venezuela sheet with a European one?


Justin Delacour 10:39 PM  

Indeed, this seems to be a very crass way of politicizing "national security."

Justin Delacour 1:35 AM  
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Justin Delacour 1:37 AM  

By the way, my experience is that Venezuelan airport security is fairly tight. One year I bought a bunch of books in Venezuela and then got taken aside in the airport because airport security thought my baggage was abnormally heavy. As they went through my baggage, I had to explain to them that I was bringing back books, not cocaine.

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