Sunday, December 20, 2009

Frei's strategy

CIPER Chile has a great post on the maneuvering to get MEO's votes in the Chilean presidential runoff. MEO has indicated he will not tell his supporters to vote for Eduardo Frei, so Frei's team is looking to go from the bottom up. They are scouring the results of every precinct along with focus groups, determining where people tended to vote MEO for president and the Concertación (or for Juntos Podemos) for the legislature. Those are the people they have to convince. That convincing will involve a two part message: first, we will take on part of MEO's platform; and second, we cannot let the right win.

An El Mercurio poll has Piñera at 46.2% and Frei at 39.7%, with a margin of error of 2.8%. Meanwhile, La Segunda/Universidad del Desarrollo put Piñera at 48% and Frei at 43% (I don't know the margin of error). There are therefore still plenty of undecideds/don't knows.


Anonymous,  12:15 PM  

What's the rule for the second round? Whoever gets the most votes wins? Or do you need to get 50% of votes cast (including blank votes and nulls)?

Greg Weeks 1:38 PM  

Over 50% of valid votes. It could be interesting, though, to see if there are a lot of invalid votes from MEO supporters who still dislike both candidates.

mike a,  10:46 AM  

It is good to finally see someone talking about the failures of the Concertacion....the truth is that Chile could have accomplished so much more with another government. Let's hope the voters don't screw this up:

Randy Paul 10:59 PM  

Mary O'Grady? If Pinochet puked she'd wipe off his mustache.

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