Wednesday, December 09, 2009

New Honduran stamps

If you would like to commemorate the coup in Honduras, you may want to buy the new Roberto Micheletti stamp that is being issued.

If that one is popular, they plan other stamps with sayings like "Kidnapping is just a teensy weensy mistake" and "Who needs trials when you have the military?"

h/t BoRev.Net


Anonymous,  3:42 PM  

Great ideas! Zelaya could have created one with RAJ's novel legal theory "I'm the president and I can choose which legal rulings I will accept and which I won't".

Maybe a bit too long for a stamp though.

BTW, it seems that everyone is now looking for a convenient and face-saving way out, which would be Micheletti resigning. Sounds about right. But who will replace hom before Lobos assumes power?

Unknown 3:54 PM  

Roberto, not Ricardo

Greg Weeks 4:02 PM  

Thanks! Typing too fast.

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