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Bolivia elections: voting abroad

Sunday's election was the first time Bolivians could vote from abroad. As it turned out, Evo Morales won in Spain and Argentina, but not in the United States (where Manfred Reyes Villa won 71% of the vote). Overall, Morales won 54% of the vote abroad, much less than his 63% or so from all votes.

I've never seen an analysis of voting behavior of citizens abroad. It would be reasonable to hypothesize that those who emigrated for manual labor would vote more for the left, whereas those with money would vote for the right. But how strong is that correlation?

It might also depend on how much the candidates advertised to their emigrant communities, how long the particular voter had been out of the country, or even whether it was a hassle (e.g. a long way to travel) to cast the vote.


Anonymous,  7:59 AM  

Also, it would be interesting to see what, if any, patterns emerged from distinguishing indigenous people abroad and Europeans abroad. Also of interest would be the financial status of those abroad and how they voted.

Brooke Harlowe,  9:04 PM  

How many immigrants living abroad are from the media luna, rather than from the altiplano? Do those who vote abroad have legal residency in the country where they are living? (i.e., are they likey to turn up at the embassy or consulate to vote?).

Defensores de Democracia 10:25 AM  

The absurd and Utopian figure of Ernesto "Che" Guevara - And the connection to Delusional Militarism

I have been watching several documentary movies about "Che" Guevara, with many leftists talking nonsense, with Hugo Chavez sending money for Mausoleums and Monumens to "Che" in Bolivia. With Evo Morales talking garbage. And "Che" being a saint in Bolivia like the Virgin Mary or the picture of the "Sacred Heart"...

With the Cuban and Venezuelan Diplomats in Ridiculous Ceremonies to honor the guy that carried Foreign Violence and Death to the Bolivian Peasants. I don't say Indians, because they are Indians only in appearance and I discover that they talk Spanish in very elegant form, without weird accents, that "Indian" Spanish would ashame many Nations of Latin America.

Che Guevara was extremely sick from "Asthma" at age 39, as is written in his diaries, but I suspect Lung Emphisema. He was in great pain and suffering during his last year in Bolivia, when he was killed, after being ambushed by the Bolivian Army.

He saw some of his best utopian friends being killed by the Bolivian Army. His Bolivian Journey was a Hell of Failures and Failures. His "Bolivians" deserted and went to the Military to tell where he was located.

Even Fidel Castro acknowledged, after Che's Execution, that General Rene Barrientos of Bolivia and his Military were extremely Intelligent in War. They repeatedly ambushed the guerrillas as Great Experts in that type of Warfare.

Che Guevara was very militaristic, he only saw the Militaristic Optic. These Che Guerrillas didn't prepare the Political Scene. They never knew what the "Indians" ( only in Race ) thought, in advance.

They had another utopian, a guerrilla lady called Tanya, who was half European, and with all the Romance of the sixties, like that other fool Regis Debray from one of the Noblest Families of France. These people were "Great Spies" but totally useless in the tough war against these Horrible, Dangerous and Murderous Enemy : The Bolivian Army, better than expected by everybody ! ....

These Che Friends knew absolutely nothing about Bolivia and thought that it was the same as Argentina or Cuba. They were so crazy that thought that they were going to initiate guerrillas in Peru and Argentina from their Bolivian Bases in the Jungle.

The connection to the Militaristic :

"Most People don't have the Imagination to see Reality" - Goethe

Goethe probably said this aphorism for Literature or ART. But it also applies to War and Politics.

Only Diplomacy and Talks can solve certain problem.

"Che" Guevara talked of the United States as if it was the Devil or a nation ruled by Devils, he never gave a second of thought to Politics or Diplomacy, or to being Professorial traveling though the World and preaching some kind of peaceful change. He only wanted more "Vietnam" everywhere and his talk was Glorified Nonsense, out of Reality.

He only thought of War. And he wrongly believed that all Third Worlders were heroes longing for Immortality. He even wrote that in Great Sadness : in his diaries he observed that the "Indians" didn't want Glory and Immortality !!

Perhaps the Bolivian "Indians" were more connected to Reality than him and his crazy companions, they were more connected to their cows, their goats, their sheep, their maize and lettuce.

What the Militarists need is an Icy Bath of Realism !.

Otherwise nations squander Money and Blood. To the horror of the Whole World

The Future of Foreign Policies :

Vicente Duque

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