Sunday, December 13, 2009

Honduran view of the coup

The Latinobarómetro asked Hondurans about their views of the coup. 58% disapproved, 28% approved, and 14% either had no opinion or did not respond. Those who were older and better educated were more likely to support it, which given conservative Honduran politics should not come as a surprise.

Only 48% approved of Mel Zelaya's government, but 65% did not approve of the way Roberto Micheletti handled the crisis. They note the question was asked in October, when Hondurans had plenty of time to judge how the crisis was unfolding.

These numbers simply reiterate what previous polls had already shown. Hondurans were not enamored of Zelaya, but oppose the coup. None of these polls, however, ask about what potential solutions Hondurans favor. I hope that they are asked again next year after Pepe Lobo takes office and can judge the way the crisis was resolved (assuming it is resolved!).


Anonymous,  11:17 AM  

I like Latinobarometro, so it's sad to see how they phrased the question.

The pressure in Latin America to be 'politically correct' about Honduras is incredible!

Anonymous,  11:27 AM  

As expected more countries are indicating they will recognize the election results . Used to be they demanded that Zelaya be allowed to return to power. Now it seems they just want him to be able to leave the country:

So much for the 'Latin American consensus'!

pc 11:28 AM  

FYI you have "disapproved" twice in that second sentence.

Greg Weeks 11:39 AM  

I've made more editing errors in the past week than in the entire past year. Must be the end of the semester.

Justin Delacour 6:18 PM  

Only 48% approved of Mel Zelaya's government

What percentage said they disapproved of Zelaya's government? Before drawing a conclusive assessment, it's kind of important to be able to compare the percentage that approved with the percentage that disapproved.

I suspect that, when you compare these figures, Zelaya's numbers won't look too shabby.

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